Taylor Bera singing Letters at The Duplex in NYC.

Members of the 2011 cast sing Helen on 86th St. in a NYC benefit in honor of Wendi Kaufman.

Members of the 2011 cast singing Together We'll Fly.

Martine Bowman and Taylor Bera; One of Those Days

2011 Cast; Epic Tale of Troy

2011 Cast; Rehearsals

Musical clips from the 2011 production.

Taylor Bera (Vita); Letters

2011 Cast; Trojan Horse Opening

2011 Cast; The Face

2011 Cast; Tweens singing Defying Gravity :)

Helen on 86th St. workshop in Boston, MA with young performers from the Wheelock Family Theatre.

The 2011 cast of Helen on 86th St. and creators Nicole Kempskie and Robby Stamper on WQXR's Young Artist Showcase.