Conceived by Nicole Kempskie and choreographer Valerie Salgado, The Helen Dance Project is a series of dance videos made to share the story and music from the stage musical and screenplay of Helen on 86th St.

Inaugural Video: The Journey is the Destination
Conceived by: Nicole Kempskie & Valerie Salgado
Choreography by: Valerie Salgado
Sung by: Leenya Rideout
Danced by: Courtney Liu, Michael Dauer, Stephanie Brooks
Music by: Robby Stamper
Lyrics by: Nicole Kempskie  

Helen Dance Project Goals: 
The budget per video will not to exceed $150.
Creation time from inception to execution will not exceed 10 hours.
The videos will showcase the work of emerging artists in all fields: dance, directing, music, lyrics, choreography, videography, and editing.
The videos will celebrate heart, humor, and the resiliency of the human spirit.