Kushner and Sondheim

A few weeks ago, Robby was lucky enough to be picked by lottery to sit in on an intimate twelve person conversation at the Dramatist Guild with Stephen Sondheim, while I sat at home in my apartment reading Sondheim's book, "Finishing the Hat." (Yes, cue the violins...)

You know how I love Mr. Sondheim.

So when this video found it's way to my inbox direct from the Public Theatre, I sat back and pretended that I was sitting in a room, just steps away from theatrical greats Tony Kushner and Stephen Sondheim, as they chatted away about theatre.

And there were a few things that just made me love Sondheim all the more.  They had to do with my other love--teaching.  Sondheim says that "art is a form of teaching."  I actually started writing a proposal years ago for a book about just that.  He goes on to say that teaching is a "sacred profession."  Along those lines, I would venture to say that creating art, when it serves a higher purpose, is also a sacred profession.  Which is why I am so happy that both are such a huge part of my life.

There are some more gems about "conveying something about humanity" and "presenting a point of view that will enlighten," but as for the rest--you'll just have to watch it for yourself.