Reunited for Helen Junior!


This blurry, out of focus photo in no way does justice to our wonderful Helen workshop on Sunday.

What it does mean, however, is that I need to get a new iPhone...or invest in that Canon SLR camera that I've been dreaming of...

Anyway, that being said, it was like coming "home" on Sunday.  Coming home to an exceptional group of young performers and young people who are as lovely as they are talented.  Coming home to a "family" of Helen parents and supporters who have become our friends.  Coming home to material that we all believe in and still enjoy hearing and seeing.  And coming home to creating art with a community of people who share our passion, values, and work ethic.

It was so nice to be back home.

Just last year at this time we hadn't even entertained the notion of mounting a full production of the show.  We had just finished our "teaser" and were getting ready for a full table read in November.  Our pre-adolescent kids (almost all of who have been with us since last August) were tweens, not teens.  Some of my favorite musical numbers didn't even exist yet.   I knew next to nothing about producing an Off-Broadway show. 

So, not only was it nice to be back home, it was a little awe-inspiring.  I'll be honest, since the show closed in May, Robby and I have been so focused on what didn't happen, that we never gave ourselves the opportunity to register what did happen.

And what did happen was nothing short of remarkable.

A huge thank you goes out to our Helen family for helping us remember that.   We love you!