Justin Bieber stars in Helen on 86th St.!

All I had to do was say the name "John Lithgow" and "starring" in the same facebook status and suddenly this blog was flooded.

I dropped a "name"...and you came in droves.

That was the most interesting (and somewhat disconcerting)  bit of market research I've conducted since this project began.

Now I'm afraid I'm going to get a call from John Lithgow's agent accusing me about spreading false statements about the creative projects his client is working on.

What's so funny is how far it is from my current reality.  I mean, I have often referred to the Helen hiring and casting process as the "Helen on 86th St. Revolving Door."  We've got a stage manager one day, we lose them the next.  One actor is in, next day they are out.  And it continues on a daily basis.  (And I mean literally, on a daily basis.  Who knows who will be standing on that stage come April 28th?)

After one of my recent tirades, my boss, who is not a theatre person, earnestly said, "Well, at least no one quit your show this week!"

I have to say, I'm flattered that you all believe in me enough to think this show is so good that John Lithgow would participate in it.  That we might add him to the "Snack Rotation" list.  That he'd join us on Easter Sunday hanging lights and doing the dry tech of the show.  That he might volunteer to do the 12 loads of laundry that will need to be done between the first week of performances and the second.  Or that he would enthusiastically agree to drive the cargo van out to Secaucus to pick up sound equipment.

Really, friends.  I am honored that you hold me and Helen on 86th St. in such high regard.  It actually made my day yesterday.

But, it's not true.  And we love our Ms. Dodd, Kathryn Markey, so I wouldn't have it any other way, even if Mr. Lithgow were to come a-knocking this week.

So, let's all put this little rumor to rest, because I've got to run.   I've got a Helen musical session with Justin Bieber in an hour.