Better than the Royal Wedding

To be honest, I was fast asleep during the Royal Wedding this morning.  Even if I weren't completely consumed by the opening of my show, the hoopla surrounding someone's wedding (royalty or not) evades me.  But that's just me.

More importantly, I was fast asleep because for the first time in almost a year, I had the most restful, peaceful sleep since I began this Helen endeavor.   We really pulled it off, and our opening couldn't have been more beautiful.  And now, I can't wait to sit back and enjoy 10 more brilliant Helen performances. 

I marvel at what we've accomplished in the face of so many challenges, obstacles and setbacks.  I marvel at my brilliant cast who are performing this piece as if the show had been running for a year.  I marvel at what my production team did with a practically non-existent budget while juggling multiple non-Helen related shows.  I marvel that when I walked into the theatre last night it was spotless (if you've been to the Chernuchin before, you'll understand this one) and the parents had it all set up like a Broadway theatre.  I marvel that last year at this time the first draft of Helen wasn't even finished.

So forgive me if I turn my nose up  at Kate and Prince William.  The magic I've witnessed and experienced this year far surpasses any Royal Wedding. 

And the Royal Wedding hoopla was nothing compared to the girls' dressing room last night before we opened.