The Elves and the Shoemaker

Something magical is happening at the Chernuchin Theatre on 54th St.  Remember the old Shoemaker and his wife who went to bed overwhelmed by the impossibility of making all the shoes they needed to sell in order to survive?  Each time I step back into the theatre I feel the way they must have felt. 

Mere fabric, lumber and paint are slowly being transformed into the set for Helen on 86th St. thanks to the help of my Helen "elves."






I am so indebted to all the elves that have been working so hard at the theatre while we've been at the rehearsal studio.  A HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS THANK YOU goes out to:

  • The most astounding, hard working and talented production team in the history of Equity Showcases:  Niluka Hoatling, Jeena Yoon, Ji Youn Chang, Sam Gordon, Philip Naude, John Ottaviano, Luke Hoatling, Jason Hurley and Ryan Kilcourse and Cat.
  • The volunteers who generously donated their time to assist with painting, set construction, and all the rest:  Joe Ippolitto, Greg Ippolito, Emma Young, Ed Miller, Joe Bera, Kelly Bera, Mike Zucker, Mike Grajek, Dan Mattia, Robert Mattia, Elana Johnston, Lucy Liu, Pete Gilbert, Kathy Gilbert, Richard Pimentel, Shereen Pimentel and Shawn Fitzgibbons.

Your generosity, dedication and kindness overwhelms me, and reminds me why I started this whole project a year ago!