Helen hits the public radio airwaves!

I'm very tired, and I mysteriously just lost the whole blog I wrote, so I'll make this very brief.

Yesterday was very cool.  Being a NPR geek, it was quite a thrill to be in the WNYC studios yesterday to do Robert Sherman's "McGraw Hill Companies Young Artist Showcase" on WQXR.  Robert talked to us about the show, a handful of the Helen kids sang a bunch of our songs on the air and got interviewed, and Robby played his music beautifully. 

I know that it is geeky, but I have always dreamed of being on public radio. 

It's pretty great to know that dreams can come true!

Now, it's off to bed so that I can drag myself to the Chernuchin Theatre for our 8am load in. 

Oh, and the show will air on Wednesday, May 4th at 9pm.  Make sure to tune in!