Helen on the Radio!

I've got my first Helen radio interview tomorrow on "Valerie's New York," which will air live on WOR's stream, www.wor710.com, at 8:20 AM for all you early birds.  If you miss the live airing, you'll be able to stream it from their website.

In addition to interviewing me, Valerie will be playing some clips of our music, so that will be just about the coolest thing ever. (Sorry, I still get excited about things like this...it's still all new to me!)

Fortunately, I've been too busy with a million other things to be nervous about being interviewed on the radio.  And I love to talk about this show, so as long as I can keep the nerves at bay, I should be okay.  

But, if you are listening, go easy on me.  This is my very first live radio interview, so if I happen to babble or seem incoherent, just trust that I'll get better as I get more practice.  And fortunately, I'll be able to practice some more, since we've got some more radio programs and interviews planned.

Stay tuned!