Helen Guest Blogger: Emma Young (Maxine)

So I asked...no, begged, the kids in the cast to help me out over the next few weeks with some guest blogs.  And because they are the best kids ever, they answered my plea for help.   I hope that as you read these, you will get a glimpse into how special these young performers are.

To get the ball rolling, today's blog will be coming to you from my dear student, intern, stage manager, cast member and friend, Emma Young.

A Couple Helen Heroes

by Emma Young (Maxine)

Of course there are a million people that have worked so hard to get "Helen" to where it is now.  And of course everyone knows how hard the director, musical director, and choreographer have to work.  But ours are so brilliant that they deserve specific examples of how wonderful they are.

Nicole Kempskie for providing an opportunity that I could only dream of.  For never denying someone because they have less experience or training.  For writing a finale so touching that I cried when I first heard it.  For being a constant reassuring support force despite having only so much time to complete all the work she has.   For simply writing the show and being brave enough to take it somewhere.

Robby Stamper for his gorgeous music.  For playing us Elton John songs.  For knowing the score of every showtune.  For reteaching us his wonderful harmonies.  For his humour, talent, and creativity.  For being our wonderful, chill, and "cute" Mr. McGrory.

Valerie Salgaldo for her brilliant choreography that is both amazing to watch and fun to perform.  For her patience and advice.  For her bright and sunny energy.  For being kind and friendly.

The cast for being super talented, for becoming a family, for being patient when I play with their hair, for being hilarious, for being odd, for their kindness, for making me laugh so hard that I cry, and for being patient when it takes me a week to pick up a simple tap step.