Defying Gravity

I’ve been very emotional lately.  I guess that is to be expected considering what has transpired over the past nine months.  And as I spend these final weeks before Helen’s “world premiere” surrounded by friends new and old, I often don’t know what to do with the surge of feelings I have, or the gratitude that swells up in all those moments when I’m not answering an email, editing the script, planning rehearsals, coordinating load-in and strike, and so on.

It's all so overwhelming.  Sometimes the stress is overwhelming.  Sometimes the pressure is overwhelming.  Sometimes the amount of work that needs to get done is overwhelming.  But what is most overwhelming is the feeling of love and gratitude that I have for each and every person who has been, in one way or another, on this journey with me.  And when I stop to think about just how massive my list of “travel companions” has been since last August, I just feel…well…overwhelmed.

Regardless of what the future holds for this show or for me, what I have been able to do, with the help of all of you—my cast, my creative team, my production team, the amazing Helen parents and grandparents, our fearless author, all my advisors and “consultants,” the friends, schoolmates and colleagues from every stage of my life who continue to find a way to send encouraging words or thoughts my way, my close friends and family—is remarkable.  And on June 12th, when people are walking up to the stage to accept their Tony Awards, I will wistfully watch and dream, but will also know that there is no award that will ever compare to the experience I’ve had this year, with this project. 

And with all of you.

Because what we have been doing over the past nine months—well, that's what I call defying gravity. 

And that's what I call "Glee."

Much love to you all.