Mother of the Year

I'm sorry, whenever Robby and I write something new, I'm like a proud mama who has to whip out a dozen photos of her baby for everyone to see.

Here's a very fuzzy, wobbly, short reel I just edited from our York Dress Rehearsal. 

Just some context so you understand what's going on:  There is one thing that all of these women want--and that one thing is to be the "Mother of the Year."  (And if you are wondering...the "mother" with the red head-scarf is a male.  Bless your heart, Drew for humoring our creative whims!)

Thanks again to Brian Blythe for his direction, Tammy Holder for her musical direction, and Nic Casaula, Melissa Rapelje, Lauren Lawson, Melanie Rothman, Drew Berezowitz, Esther Kong, Ashley Sweetmen, Matt Savoca for jumping in and playing!

Now it's up to you to decide:  Who will be the Mother of the Year?