The show will go on (of course)

Apologies are in order.  A number of you have reached out to me this week concerned after reading my blog about being overbudget.  I have to thank you all, and just express how touched I am that you care.  It's because of you that I forge ahead with a smile on my face.

Have no fear, friends, Helen on 86th St. is in no danger of not happening.  The worst that might happen is a little additional credit card debt on my part, but we're not talking about anything I haven't seen on my monthly statements before.  Trust me, we're over by what it probably costs for one Spider-Man costume.

I'm just frustrated.  I'm frustrated because it shouldn't have to be this way.  When artists are taking risks the way we are, when they are cutting corners, negotiating deals, calling in favors left and right, making their brilliant production team work their butts off for a paltry $100 each, we shouldn't have to be asking for someone to donate a folding chair.  And yet we are.

And why?  Because I have spent enough money.  If I were paying myself for all the work I've done in the past year, I would be able to retire.  Because my team is bending over backwards to make magic happen with the little resources we have (and they will).  Because getting non-profit status on top of everything else I have been trying to do this year just wasn't feasible.  (And trust me, this venture is certainly not-for-profit.)  Because I'm SURE that someone has 2 speakers just sitting around in their church basement or school auditorium getting dusty.  (There seem to be a lot of people with beanbag chairs out there, based on my inbox of late.)

After already going overbudget on things we just simply can't do this show without--I'm talking bare necessities--I feel confident that some kind soul will step up to the plate and say, "Hey, if you can come by and pick them up, I've got two speakers you can borrow...and my friend has those power conditioners you need so that your sound system doesn't hum every time the lights change." (I actually didn't know what a power conditioner was until 2 weeks ago.)

This is the era of recycling, reusing and reducing! 

Enough is enough people.  I'm asking for Walkie-talkies, paint supplies and 2 Shure mics because we've spent enough money and someone out there has to have them.  I just know they do.

And to be honest, if I'm going to add to my credit card debt, I'd rather have it be for the vacation to Hawaii I'm going to desperately need after this show closes.

Ah.  Hawaii.  On that note...