Helen Hero of the Week: March 28

If you read the blog yesterday you saw my plea for donations.  To be honest, I've been hitting up friends and organizations I used to work at for donations for the past couple of months, because, as I said, this is a very expensive endeavor.  Yesterday was the first time (since our Kickstarter days) that I went public with that plea.

So the Helen Hero of the Week is ARTS CONNECTION!

Arts Connection is an arts education organization run by Steve Tennen that Robby, Niluka and I all worked together at for many years.  The work that they have been doing for over 25 years is incredibly important and essential.  And in reality, the work the three of us did at Arts Connection was really a "dress rehearsal" for Helen.  We put on fully produced "Broadway Junior" versions of "Once on this Island," "Seussical," and "Willy Wonka" that looked like mini-Broadway shows, all on a modest budget.  The wonderful thing about those years working together at Arts Connection is that a.)We were financially and artistically supported b.)We were all paid well for every bit of hard work we did c.)Our work was greatly appreciated by the school community and Arts Connection.  They let us be artists and educators, and we made magic happen with those middle school students.

So a huge thank you to ARTS CONNECTION, one of the finest arts education organizations in New York City, for helping nurture the three of us.  AND.....

For generously donating a significant amount of SOUND EQUIPMENT to Helen on 86th St, well before this public plea went out.  Let me tell you, a sound quote for a cast of 19 could stop your heart.  And if Arts Connection weren't donating equipment to us to supplement what we have to rent, one third of our actors wouldn't be heard.

So, thank you, thank you, thank lovely people at Arts Connection for enabling us go from Broadway Juniors in a school auditorium, to the premiere of Helen on 86th St. at the American Theatre of Actors.