The Final Stretch

This is it--the final stretch.  Rehearsals are underway, the theatre has been paid for, sound and light packages have been ordered, ground plans and models fleshed out, props are being purchased, costumes made, most of Act 1 has been staged and choreographed, the budget is slowly dwindling, and I sit here wondering if I will live to see our opening on April 28th.

There is so much to be done.

So much.

But at least I have the pleasure of directing this show and working with an extraordinarily talented and special cast and team.  The role of Producer has been thrust upon me out of necessity, but creating...writing, directing, choreographing, being an artist...that is where my heart lies.   Is it more work?  Yes it is.  And after spending a blissful weekend in the rehearsal room it was not easy to get up at 6am this morning and deal with all the producer "stuff" that piled up over the weekend.

But, it's the only way.

And so I forge ahead.

Speaking of producer "stuff," I just posted some photos from our Kids' Day Photo Shoot.  Check them out here!