Sondheim Bakes Baklava: Follow-up

I have to give credit where credit is due. 

I know that I mentioned somewhere back in the early days of the blog that the story "Helen on 86th St." came to me via my Boston BFF, Dan Bolton, many years ago.  It sat in a binder for about seven years, then out it came...and here we are.

So, I really can't take credit for "discovering" the story...just for doing something with that discovery.

In addition, I owe a great deal of my love of words, my wit and my musical theatre savvy to Dan Bolton.  After being attached at the hip for five years as we pursued acting careers in Boston, a smidgen of Danny's wit and humor were bound to find its way into my vernacular.   

Despite the fact that he is probably going to disown me as a friend for doing so, I just had to print his email response to my Sondheim Bakes Baklava:

SUBJECT:  You're in Good Company....

....I think I just saw Rob Marshall returning cans and bottles at the Safeway.

And Twlya Tharp was clipping coupons as she waited at the bus stop.

Hang in there.



P.S. Do you think Sondheim uses a Baklava recipe that rhymes or includes only ingredients in two syllables or something?

Just wondering....

It's the people in my life like Danny who make this whole endeavor worthwhile.

Thanks, DNB.