Helen: End of Month Progress Report - January/February

I've been so busy since the start of 2011 that I completely forgot to do our "End of Month Progress Report" for January.  So, here's a combined progress report for January and February:


  • Did our full-length Equity staged reading with Nick Wyman, Erica Schroeder, Taylor Leigh Bera, Kevin Pariseau, and the most talented kids in NYC.
  • Completed the casting for our Equity showcase production.
  • Hired a complete creative team and production team (of 13 people).
  • Sent out every Kickstarter Reward except one (Sorry, Dallas!  The baklava is coming!)
  • Held multiple production and design meetings.
  • Completed preliminary lighting, sound, costume and set designs.
  • Got 3 insurance quotes, 7 sound package quotes and 2 lighting package quotes.
  • Created cello parts for the full score.
  • Travelled to Boston and did a Helen workshop with an incredibly talented bunch of performers at the Wheelock Family Theatre.
  • Booked rehearsal space, organized Equity paperwork, completed and revised budgets and created a mailing list.
  • Lost and replaced 1 actor, 2 choreographers, 1 sound design assistant, 1 stage manager and 1 sound board operator.  (Ah, yes, the joys of producing an Equity Showcase.)
  • Released tickets to the public on Smarttix and SOLD OUT!
  • Reached almost 50,000 visits to our site since our June launch.
  • Had 1450 new visitors to our site.
  • Had 1800 visits to the blog.

Plus, I...

  • Read subtitles for 14 foreign films at the BAMkids Film Festival.
  • Wrote 2 20-minute children's musicals with Robby for Brooklyn Children's Theatre.
  • Wrote 1 15-minute musical with Robby for the 4@15 at the York Theatre.
  • Helped 40 young performing artists create original "American Idiot" performance pieces in 4 hours at the Broadway Student Summit.
  • Taught 38 media workshops at the Paley Center for Media.
  • Coached 12 Brooklyn Children's Theatre students on their Middle School audition pieces.

Yikes, no wonder why I'm tired.  But, this is only the beginning.  Now the fun really begins.  In two weeks we meet with the kids in the cast for "Helen Kid's Day" where we will bond, do character work, improvise, perfect diction and projection and get ready for a month of intense rehearsals before we are all standing in the Chernuchin Theatre teching our show.

And the good news is--I'm still here...still in one piece, mostly sane, fairly healthy other than my lingering head cold, and in good spirits.  And while many of you have heard me utter, on more than one occasion, "I hate producing!" I continue to feel as if what I'm doing is necessary and essential. 

Perhaps a necessary "evil"...but, nonetheless, necessary.