Helen Hero of the Week: March 14th

And the hero of the week is.....


Yes, you!  All you lovely people who donated to our fundraising efforts on Kickstarter and received tickets to our Showcase, and all the rest of you who jumped on to Smarttix and bought out what was left.

If you read my blog yesterday and saw my "To Do" list, you might have noticed that there was no item that said, "Hustle to sell tickets to the show!" or "Make sure we get listed in all the papers/magazines so we can sell tickets to the show!" or "Spend a day dropping off postcards all over the city so that we can sell tickets to the show!" or "Stand outside the American Girl store handing out flyers so that we can sell tickets to the show!"

Thanks to you, I've been relieved of one major struggle that is par for the course when it comes to producing...getting an audience.  And I'm not just trying to be funny here; I am SO grateful to NOT have to worry about that.  If I had to add that to my very loaded plate, I probably wouldn't be in one piece right now.

So, thank you all, for giving me one less item to add to that list.