The Dreaded "To Do" List

I'm going to reveal something...just so you all have a sense of what happens two weeks before you go into rehearsals for the show you have written and are producing-- my "To Do" list has gotten away from me.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still working like crazy, but I seem to have temporarily lost one of my greatest assets--my organizational skills.

And so it's time to stop, regroup, organize my thoughts and knock out this list. 

Here goes:

High Priority

  • Meeting with PM and TD to flesh out equipment pick up, load-in and strike schedule.
  • Meeting with Co-director to compare notes and staging/blocking/conceptual ideas.
  • Compile all relevant show and cast information for Press Agent.
  • Follow up with Sound vendor and place order for package.
  • Follow up with Lighting vendor to get lighting package quote.  Order lighting package.
  • Prep for Saturday's "Kid's Day" workshop.
  • Prep for Wednesday's coaching session with Taylor (our Vita).
  • Solidify prop list, get petty cash to props supervisor.
  • Complete and execute all actor, creative and production team contracts.
  • Coordinate and discuss dance sequences with choreographer.
  • Plan out blocking, transition and musical staging ideas.
  • Get final quote from shop regarding set construction fee.
  • Create parental consent form/Emergency Contact form for all kids in cast.


  • Rent cargo van and find a driver for Load-in and Strike.
  • Coordinate Parent and CCNY Graduate Student Volunteers for Load-in and Strike.
  • Coordinate the pick up of equipment we are borrowing.
  • Find two spot operators.
  • Tie up loose ends regarding legal agreements, documents, Helen on 86th St. LLC--have everything in place for production run.
  • Compile materials for Press packets.
  • Coordinate and plan "cue to cue" with production team.
  • Costume design meeting, fittings, storage and transport plan.
  • Send new artwork to graphics designer to add necessary text.
  • Finalize artwork and order posters and postcard.
  • Compile materials for playbill and get estimate copy cost.
  • Re-configure and adjust budget to accommodate changes.
  • Order 700 batteries for wireless.
  • Coordinate all front of house operations House Manager/Box Office Manager.
  • Get quotes on storage for set.
  • Decide if we are storing the set.
  • Personally reach out to close industry contacts and extend an invitation to them.
  • Clean out the "Helen To Do" folder in my inbox.

Low Priority

  • Opening Night gifts for cast, crew, production team.
  • Target/Trader Joes trip for snacks and food for rehearsals.
  • Reconcile post-performance budget.
  • Submit final paperwork to Equity following final production.
  • Work out the schedule for the Monday following rehearsal when we have to return all the equipment.
  • Schedule massage and/or vacation.

Highest Priority

  • Get rid of this nasty cold/flu/plague/infection that is slowing me down so that I'm in top form for the next month and a half.

So, now do you understand why I didn't do this earlier?  Seeing it all out there in list form makes is a little daunting.  Organized...but, daunting, nonetheless. And to think, last year at this very time, Robby and I had just started writing this little musical called, Helen on 86th St., and not only didn't I know the difference between an ETC Source Four 19* (750w) and an ETC Source Four 26*, but I had no idea how to get a quote on them or transport them to a theatre.  

And, I'll admit, after reading over this list, I have decided to jump down to the Low Priority item: "Schedule massage and/or vacation" and actually book a massage for for this week. 

But the good news is, I now have one item I can cross off my list...

No, only 33 more to go.