Helen School Edition coming to a theatre near you...

Yes, it's true!  Kids across the globe will soon be able to put on Helen on 86th St.!

We are so excited to announce that in the spring of 2012, the one-hour school edition of Helen on 86th St. will be published and available to license through Playscripts, Inc. 

As proud as we are of the full-length Helen, we are so excited that this version will soon be available.  We've worked really hard to maintain the integrity of the full-length and Wendi's story, but we also wanted to make sure this version was manageable and very "user-friendly" for young performers and their directors/music directors who have to work within the constraints of a school rehearsal period, a camp program, an after school program, etc.  We've been there, we've done that, and we tried to be cognizant of the pitfalls.  We both feel that the "product" we will be putting forth will make Helen as magical as it was here in New York, wherever it gets done.

So as Thanksgiving approaches, we couldn't be more thankful for what this year has brought forth.

And the best part?  We've only just begun.

With gratitude,

Nicole & Robby