I bet you are wondering what I think of Glee.

Okay, maybe you're not, but I'm going to tell you anyway, because it's Friday, and all week I've been decompressing by watching episodes of Glee that have been sitting on my DVR for months.

I totally enjoy it.

Sure, I think the writing can be uneven, and I find some of the characters to be caricatures, and I occasionally marvel at the absurdity of the plot twists, but when I turn off my critical eye and just watch, I find that glee mostly makes me feel gleeful.

The characters are endearing, Matthew Morrison is adorable, Jane Lynch is brilliant, I can steal choreography and staging ideas from the fun production numbers, it's loaded with heart, and most importantly, this show is exposing a whole new audience to "song & dance."  To Kander & Ebb along with Brittany & Christina. 

And it certainly can only help Helen.  Helen is essentially Glee, with a New Yorker pedigree, tweens instead of teens, and Greek drama instead of Show Choir.  But, that same joy I feel when I just let myself go and watch Glee, is what I feel when I sit in a room and watch the 14 tweens in Helen sing about their desire and angst (because, if you are a tween, desire and angst are your middle name).

So, if you like Glee, you should come see Helen on 86th St.  That is--if you can get a ticket. 

I hear they are going like hot cakes ;)