The Year Ahead

On New Year's Eve Robby and I brainstormed all the various things we wanted to achieve this year with Helen.  It's a very long list.  Will we achieve everything on that list?  Probably not.  Do we care? 


The point of our brainstorming session was so that the two of us, as collaborators, could articulate what we hope to make happen--so that we know--and so that it's out there somewhere in the universe floating around.  After we finished writing everything down on paper, we sealed the papers up in an envelope and agreed not open that envelope until next New Year's Eve. 

But, even though we might not remember the specifics of our "wish list" come June or September, there are three major goals that we will carry with us at every moment in 2011 as we continue with our development.

And they are...

1.  To create a beautiful, moving and uplifting piece of musical theatre that positively impacts all those who are a part of it or who experience it.  That means, our cast, our creative team, our crew, our interns, our child-wrangler, our Helen Benefactors and our audience.

2.  To be an inspiration to other artists.  To prove that hard work, determination and drive does pay off. 

3.  To influence change in the commercial theatre industry, so that more voices can be heard.

There is a lot we don't have control over in this industry, but these three goals--I feel pretty confident that we can achieve them.