Wedding Planning

Wondering if I'm getting married?

God, no.  (I mean, maybe someday, but not anytime in the next three months.)

Can you imagine?  Just the thought of planning a wedding while trying to get this showcase up makes me break out into hives.

The reason I gave this blog entry such a provocative title (well, provocative to anyone who is curious about my romantic life) is because I used wedding planning as an analogy this weekend when I was telling my mom about the Helen "preparations" of late.

So, for those of you who haven't planned an Equity Showcase of a new musical that you have written and are also co-directing, here it is:

Imagine deciding to get married in April, inviting over 1,000 people to your wedding, and only having three months to plan it.  And you want this to be the most wonderful, joyful, exciting, moving wedding that your friends, family and colleagues have ever attended.  And while you have a budget, you have about a third of what you actually need to pay for this wedding.  And you want to do it in New York City. And you've decided to do it all without a wedding planner. And you can't pay anyone who is helping you (florists, photographers, dress makers, caterers, etc.) anything. 

Welcome to my life.

It seems a little unfair.  At least when you get married, you end up with someone who will love and cherish you in sickness and in health, til' death do you part.  And unlike marriage, when you are planning a showcase, the option to elope (one option I have always favored), doesn't exist. 

Ah, well.  I guess that means it's back to the wedding plans.