My life is one big Whoa these days. 

Sometimes it's "whoa, I think I'm going to drop dead if I keep pushing myself this way."

Or, whoa,  "I cannot believe that last year this show didn't even exist and now we are having production meetings for our spring show."

Or, whoa, "how much longer can I keep up writing a blog a day?"

Or, whoa, "Nick Wyman is standing in this room playing a character in a musical I wrote."

Or, whoa, "how can I possibly continue to develop this project, at this pace, with a full-time job and multiple freelance jobs."

Or, whoa, "there's Leenya Rideout on television in Sondheim's 80th Birthday Celebration.  She's recorded my songs."

Or, whoa, "there is no way I could pay my rent and bills if I didn't have a full-time job and multiple freelance jobs, so I just have to make it work."

Or, whoa, "Half these kids in my reading have been on Broadway already."

Or, whoa, "I think I'm losing my mind."

Or, whoa, "I just raised over $30,000 for our Showcase."

Or, whoa, "I've done three developmental readings in under five months."

Or, whoa, "I have this whole 'family' of people who I didn't even know six months ago, cheering me on and supporting me."

Or, whoa, "even though I'm doing everything that I possibly can and more, somehow it doesn't seem like it's enough."

Or, whoa, "I am so proud of this musical that Robby and I have created, but too stressed half the time thinking about what has to get done, to really appreciate it."

Well, you get the idea.

Literally, every day something falls through and comes through, we gain a victory and suffer a loss, we are counting our blessings and venting our frustrations. 

You know, though, it's all par for the course.  At the end of the day--I'm living.  I mean, really living life to the fullest.  All the positive, all the negative and everything in between. 

And I'll never look back and say to myself, "If only I had..."

I'll just keep saying, Whoa.