I Sing the Body Electric

Something started happening to me at our rehearsal on Sunday.  Maybe it was the sunlight streaming into the studio, or being in the room with people I love, or the combination of the cello as it harmonized with Taylor's voice and Robby's piano playing--whatever it was, it made me tingle.  And I started to get very emotional.  Not stressed, frustrated or driven, just emotional.  Emotional about everything we have been through so far (and so quickly), and everything that I imagine is on the horizon.  There was a feeling of electricity coursing through my veins on Sunday.

And now I realize what it was.

The Body Electric.

Yes, I just managed to both date myself and sound really cheesy in one phrase.  But, you know what?  I don't care, because that's what it felt like.

For those of you too young to have seen the original Fame movie or the weekly television show in syndication, hop on over to Youtube and check out the video and then come on back.  (Sorry, they don't let you post it to website.)

You see, I grew up about as metaphorically far away from New York City and the "Fame" school (La Guardia), as a person possibly could.  But, that never stopped me from dreaming about it, and imagining how my life would be different if I transferred out of Mr. Berdoulis' Geometry class and and into Miss Grant's Modern Dance class.  Fame was probably what kept me believing in my crazy dream of being a performing artist in New York City.  (Crazy when you are growing up in Auburn, Massachusetts.)

And now, before I coach any of my theatre students for their La Guardia auditions, I try and introduce them to "The Body Electric."  (No one makes it through Brooklyn Children's Theatre without learning that song.)  I regale them with tales from my youth, those days long, long ago when a bright-eyed Nicole used to sit in her bedroom listening to her Fame records, over and over again....and dreaming.

Make sure you take some time out to sing the body electric today.