Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: We need your help!

Alright, Helen friends, it's time to put your marketing skills to work for us and help us choose our logo design. 

If this were already a Broadway production and we had a team of Lead Producers, Associate Producers, Theatrical Attorneys, Investors, General Managers and PR people, we would be sitting around a table with them trying to come to a consensus on which logo design best encapsulates the spirit of Helen on 86th St.  As you know, we don't have that yet.  But, we have something equally as helpful--you!  After all, you are the people who are going to be buying tickets so we'd like your input.

Robby and I have done the groundwork for you along with the help of some friends.  Here's how this evolved:

  • We started with a conversation about what we were looking for in a logo.  Building on the fact that this is based on a New Yorker short story, and I happen to be a huge fan of New Yorker cartoons, we used that as our core idea.
  • In our conversation, we decided that we wanted the character of Vita to be featured, and we wanted a cartoon or image that represented both the timely and timeless quality of the musical; something that integrated Greek mythology, New York City (specifically, the Upper West Side) and a quirky Tween
  • I scoured my pile of unread New Yorker magazines for cartoon prototypes and cartoonists that were stylistically what we envisioned. 
  • Since there was no way we could afford an actual New Yorker cartoonist, I asked around to see if anyone had a friend or a friend of a friend who might have the skills, but who would work within our tiny budget.
  • My friend Bekah recommended her friend Joey from her Dojo, a toy designer and cartoonist, and for a price less than my bi-weekly Trader Joes visits, Joey Docil agreed to help us out.
  • I sent him photos of the various Vita's we have had in our workshops, sent him links to the New Yorker cartoonists whose style we wanted to emulate, and sent him the short story.  And he came back with these two sketches:

Here's where you come in.  Right now, Robby and I are leaning toward the image to the right.  (If you feel strongly about the image to the left, feel free to chime in.)  What we can't decide is what font to use, where to put the title in relation to the image, if the font should be bold, all in caps, etc.  It's a little overwhelming given all the options out there.  So, I've attached four different "mock ups" for you to take a look at.  (Please keep in mind that I don't have the proper software to fix the perspective of the image vs. the title, so making the title bigger is the first item on my list of "fixes.")

Send us an email through the site, write on our Facebook walls if you are "friends" of ours, or pick up those phones and call us (yes, you can still use phones to do that).  Let us know what you think!