What Now?

I bet you are wondering how things went...and what now?

Well, things went better than we could have possibly imagined.  We had full "houses" for all of our performances, which means 158 people got a sneak peak at Helen. We received overwhelmingly glowing "reviews" from our peers, colleagues and those peeps who have been in this business longer than I've been around--and we are completely overwhelmed by the love, support and encouragement of our friends and families.

So, what now? 

I bet a lot of writing teams would stop here, bask in the glow of their successful reading and sit and wait for that big-time producer to write them a blank check and take things from here.

If you read my blog, you might have noticed, I'm really not that kind of gal.  And I'm fortunate enough to have a writing partner who has the same incessant drive and determination. 

That's not to say we don't welcome Mr. or Mrs. Big-Time Producer giving us a call.  Sure, you can call us.  We'd love to hear from you.  We're just not staring at our phones waiting for your call.

Why?  Because we've got a full reading to plan, a production team to put together, a spring Equity Showcase organize and start fundraising for, innovative outreach initiatives to get underway, logos and slogans to finalize, re-writes to do, non-profit theatres to connect with, and the list goes on and on and on.  In short, we've got a show to produce, and for the time being, we just have to act "as if" this puppy is heading for the great white way in a year or two.

And, that's wonderful.  If you don't believe that I really find this incredibly fun and exciting, despite the fact that I have a full-time job, three freelance jobs, and a graduate course to teach, just look at the calm and happy glow I have in this picture from our reading. 

This "project" is good for my soul.  And I really encourage you all to find something that gives you the sense of purpose that this gives me--regardless of what the end results are.

To close this entry, since I'm also Helen's PR person, I want to share the feedback we received from the likes of Gretchen Cryer and Nancy Ford (Musical Theatre Writing Team, I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road), Ken Davenport (Producer, Davenport Theatricals), John Tighe (BAM), Rebecca Paller (Music Theatre/Opera Curator, The Paley Center for Media), Jennifer Rudin (Casting Director, Disney Theatricals), Pam Pariseau (James Hammerstein Productions), Karen Walter Goodwin (Independent Producer), Rob Kraus (Writer, Hello muddah, Hello fadduh, TV's Rescue Me), Wendy Kaufman (the author of the story) and most important, my mom and dad.  Here is is, all strung together:

"This perfect family musical is terrific, adorable, funny, moving, substantial, smart, sweet without being sappy, a real winner, uplifting, powerful, full of heart, wonderful, not like anything I've seen before on Broadway, charming, commercially viable, full of songs you leave humming, heartbreaking, wonderfully adapted, a show that every middle school across the country will want to do and that has something in it for everyone," and my personal favorite, "lives up to all of Nicole's hype." Last but not least, "is absolutely worth driving to Providence, RI, taking the four hour train into Manhattan only to turn around after it's over and do the same thing back  Massachusetts (my parents)."

Stay tuned for the next steps in this exciting journey!