Sailboats and Accredited Investors

Ah, back to reality.  Gone are the sandy beaches, the bike rides, my beautiful niece and nephew and family, and the feral turkeys that wandered through our yard throughout the day.  Instead I'm looking at my tornado ravished neighborhood and a very busy fall. 

While I did do lots of relaxing during my vacation last week, I also did a lot of reading...and unlike the rest of the world, my beach reading wasn't The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  I will say, however, the CTI 's Guide to Producing Plays and Musicals is much more palatable when this is your view.

But, believe it or not--I actually enjoyed reading this book.  Sure, it's scary.  Producing a musical is an incredibly risky endeavor.  But, when you read the profiles and interviews contained in this book, what you find are a bunch of people willing to take that risk--not for the financial gain or the "fame," but for passion--and that is something that I totally get.

It's like "living on the edge," but in the best way, because time and again what was reiterated by these people who have spent their lives in the theatrical trenches, was that theatre is essential, necessary and important, and it's up to those fearless enough to take on the daunting challenge of producing to propagate it.  

And that, I like.