Helen: End of Month Progress Report - August

It’s that time again.  Can you believe that summer is almost officially over?

Here’s what we did in August:

  • Recorded two songs (My Odyssey and The Journey is the Destination) with the glorious Leenya Rideout.
  • Recorded two songs (Letters and One of Those Days) with the adorable, angelic-voiced Taylor Bera.
  • Found our fabulous September Victoria – Erica Schroeder.
  • Did music work sessions and scene rehearsals with John, Erica and Brian.
  • Completed a demo recording of 6 songs from the show.
  • Began a crash course in Producing 101.
  • Added an “abridged” version of the treatment to the website, which has become very popular. (Lesson learned:  shorter is better.)
  • Had our first full-cast rehearsal for our September performance!
  • Created a video of our first full-cast rehearsal for our September performance and put it up on the web without having another meltdown!
  • Sent out invites to our September performance.
  • Made some great connections with industry folks interested in the show.
  • I became an aunt again and welcomed my beautiful new niece, Vivien, to the family.

Here’s what’s been happening with our website:

  • This month we continued to have over 4,000 page visits, and close to 500 new visitors.
  • In the past 3 ½ months that our website has been up, we have had 11,047 page visits and a total of 1, 274 visitors to the site. (Even if you subtract the 1000 visits that me, Robby and my mom have made to the site, that’s still pretty good.)
  • We average 551 new visitors a month.
  • The blog continues to average 5 new subscribers per day.
  • Because of our blog, we might actually have an international “buyer” for the theme park song we wrote. (The one the major theme park that begins with a “D” didn’t end up using.)

So, slowly but surely we are moving along in the right direction.  I can’t wait to see what September brings!