Random Thoughts

I have lots of random thoughts.  Lately, it seems like that's all I have, since I've been taking mental multi-tasking to a level beyond what even I thought was possible.  Anyway, as I mentioned a few days ago, I am buried in books this week, but thoroughly enjoying it. 

I'm especially enjoying it, because I can share someone else's random thoughts in this blog entry, rather than try to make my own coherent.

So, here's a little something from the David Spencer's "The Musical Theatre Writer's Survival Guide," which I just finished:

CODA (p.176)

Write well.

Respect the craft.

Create boldly.

See everything.

Remain open--but trust your gut.

Always care.

Stay passionate.

And survive.

If you're good--if you make yourself good--you can do it.

All of it.

Believe that.