What's to Come

If you’ve been missing my daily blogs, have no fear, as soon as I get through the madness of the next week and a half (Helen casting, Kaufman Center production week, running the Paley Center Ed Dept. single-handedly while my boss is on vacation, fighting the summer cold I currently have, my sister potentially giving birth to my niece three weeks early, etc.) I will be able to write more regularly again.

And when I do, I promise my entries will be worth the wait.  Here’s what’s on the horizon:

  • The Song Robby and I Wrote That You Won’t Hear at a Major Tokyo Theme Park
  • How I said I’d Never Blog
  • Flexibility
  • Meet the Kids of Helen on 86th St.!
  • The Art of Juggling
  • Integrity
  • And many more…

I hope I have enticed you enough to come back, because I'm loving reconnecting with so many of you through this blog.  I must say, it’s the little things that bring me joy these days…seeing my subscriber list grow, hearing from people I haven't talked to in ages, the fact that if you google, “Helen on 86th St.—Musical” this website comes up; and the memory of hearing our potential Vitas sing, “Letters.”  Oh, and we must not forget sleep.  Which is what I should be doing right now so that I can kick this cold—because there is nothing worse than having a cold during one of your busiest weeks…and during a heat wave.

So, you have something to look forward to (many entertaining and informative blogs) and I have some things to look forward to—rehearsals with a fantastic cast for our first showing of Helen in September, and almost as great, a day at Spa Castle after some of the madness has died down. 

Until then, it’s full steam ahead!