Round One of Auditions

We had a fantastic day of auditions yesterday.  I was tremendously impressed with not only the talents of the kids we saw, but also their absolute professionalism.  Having sat in on many auditions in my time, these kids put many of the professionals I’ve seen audition to shame with their preparedness, confidence and poise. 

I can’t reveal any casting decisions yet, because we are seeing another crew on Tuesday night, but I will say this—we are going to have a cast of kids that is off the charts.  Add that to the wonderful adults we have, and you’ve got Robby and I counting the days until our first rehearsal. 

Oh, and to hear the Vita hopefuls sing "Letters!"  And "Helen's Goodbye!"  And just bring the character to life beautifully!  It was a artistic day on par with the one shown in the clip of Lea Salonga I recently posted.  Except, this time, it was Robby and I grinning from ear to ear. 

So, once everything is finalized, we’ll introduce you to our kids.  Because Helen or no Helen, these kids are going places.

Many, many thanks to all the kids who came out on a swelting hot Saturday to audition, to Katie Chambers at the Buchwald Agency who has invested so much time and energy coordinating everything with me (and Victoria Kress and Pamela Roth in the Youth/Children's Division), Emma Young for giving up her day to help us as a reader and with sign in, Rob Krausz, who connected me with the Buchwald agency, and all my other friends who sent talented kids my way. We couldn't have done it without your help!