Jordan Roth

As I was making my way through the magazines I subscribe to (before the pile reaches the cathedral ceilings in my apartment), I came across this article about Jordan Roth, in New York magazine that was really interesting.  Jordan is the 34-year-old President and co-owner of Jujamcyn Theaters.  That means he is at the helm of five Broadway theatres, and a very influential person in this industry.

If you are interested in the future of the theatre industry, I would suggest you read the whole article, since, at 34 years old, Jordan is the future of the theatre industry.  For those of you with short attention spans, here’s one tidbit that I think makes for some good pondering.  Here’s what Jordan says:

What I’m aiming for, and what I think the long-term health of the industry requires, are three things. Shows that are, one, uniquely theatrical: experiences that need to be live. Two, essential: They matter, they need to exist. And, three, they sell tickets. We aim for all three, but that’s a high bar, and sometimes you get only two.

In my humble (and very biased) opinion, I think we’ve got all three with Helen.  So, Jordan, if you are looking for a new show for St. James in 2011, you know where to find us.