Marcus Aurelius

Love nothing but that which comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny.  For what could more aptly fit your needs?

                    ~Marcus Aurelius

The words of great thinkers have always been a big part of my life and creative process.  Quotes have come to me at my highest moments, darkest moments, at moments when I have been creatively blocked, and at moments when my own words just couldn't articulate what I was feeling.  When I was writing Helen, they kept popping up in places like magazines, on NPR programs, in newspaper articles and books; seemingly guiding my writing process.

It was a strike of good fortune for me that I happened to find a short story to adapt where the characters rely heavily on the words of others, and use quotations, almost as a refuge.  Victoria, Farfel, and even Mr. Dodd, use quotes to inspire, console, attack, enlighten, apologize, and often to reveal feelings they are afraid to express in their own words.

Since my life is crazy right now, I'm going to use quotes for a few blogs entries here and there, and let some others speak for me...especially when my brain is as fried as it is this morning.  And hopefully, you will gain some inspiration from them the way I have.