Helen: End of Month Progress Report

I know it's technically not the end of the month yet, but it's close enough to look back and see what we've accomplished this June.  I hope this list helps all of you out there who are trying to get your musical (or any project for that matter) up and running on your own.

  • May 30th:  Vita music work-thru at Ripley Grier with my student Emma Young
  • June 6th:  Informal reading (for my birthday) with all of my friends playing the roles
  • Casting for September reading:  Victoria (Leenya Rideout), Farfel (Brian Russell), Mr. Dodd (John Deyle)
  • June 19th:  Music workshop to work-thru the score
  • Working with author, Wendi Kaufman, on potential funding opportunities and related Helen projects that industry people have expressed interest in developing with us

This past week:

  • Web site finished, launched and announced
  • Email out to friends/colleagues asking for casting leads
  • Contact with the Buchwald Agency's children's division thanks to my CCNY Ed Theatre graduate student, Rob Krausz, writer of Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Thanks so much for your help, Rob!)
  • Submission of 14 fantastic kids from Buchwald for the reading; audition scheduling underway
  • Space booked for June 17th auditions at Ripley Grier
  • Helen logo design in the works
  • Check-in with adult actors before Leenya leaves for the O'Neill Theatre Festival
  • Piqued the interest of some very high profile NY music theatre producers

Phew!  It's been a jam-packed month!

Many, many thanks to our friends, family and colleagues who have been sending good wishes, help, and support our way this month.  We are so happy to have you along with us on this journey.