My boss got me interested in Laura Day (a.k.a. "psychic to the CEOs") and her books.  Laura likes to call what others might deem her “psychic abilities” as being intuition…something that we can all attain and tap into.  I’m currently reading, Practical Intuition for Success.  Now, if you can get past the somewhat New-Agey/Self-Help sound of the title (all you naysayers out there), and actually take a look at the contents of the book, I think you’ll find a lot of useful and practical information.  And I figure it can’t hurt, right? 

One of the reasons that I think Robby and I were able to fly through the writing of Helen, is that we did a lot of relying our gut throughout the process.  And of course, having great source material to adapt didn’t hurt.  We didn’t split hairs second guessing each and every last note and lyric, or give ourselves time to let doubt creep in and impede the joyful process of creating—we let our intuition guide us.  Now, once we got it out of our heads and fingers, we went back and scrutinized, adjusted, and edited our own and each other’s work.  And we both know that there will be much more of that to come as Helen develops and other voices come into the picture.  But, surprisingly, without all the negative blocks and internal critics getting in our way, our first attempts were pretty solid.  We got at the core of the story and the emotion.  Having the perfect rhyme scheme or chord progression is something easy to fix…and trust me; two perfectionists like us will fix it.  But, you can really only get at the heart of the material if you let your intuition guide you.