Avocado Ice Cream

Last night I made chocolate ice cream using avocados.  You see, the month I have coming up is daunting, to say the least.  For Helen, we will be holding auditions to finalize the casting for our September reading, securing a space, and doing some preliminary rehearsing with the adults in the cast.  On top of that, next Monday I start my program at the Kaufman Center where I will be developing and workshopping an entirely different musical, a loose adaptation of Noel Streatfield’s Ballet Shoes, while simultaneously doing a “Credit Recovery” program (a.k.a. Summer School) at the Paley Center with students from the Dual Languages H.S. who failed History.  Over the three weeks of the program, we teach the students about a specific historical period (this year it’s Vietnam) and help them to write and fully produce historical radio dramas about it.  Many of these students barely speak any English.  And finally, on the weekends, I will be a facilitator for the Broadway Teacher Workshop, a wonderful program run by Pam Pariseau and Gordon Greenberg, for drama teachers from across the country.

And so, as I started to think about  what I have gotten myself into for the next month, I did what I always do when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed—cook or bake—preferably something sweet and fattening.  And since it’s been disgustingly humid, I thought I should try out the recipe for chocolate ice cream made with avocados that I had found on the web.

And you know what happened?  As I was puréeing avocados in my blender, I mentally started to talk myself down.  I reminded myself how much I love working at the Kaufman Center.  What could be better than working with incredibly enthusiastic students, alongside talented colleagues that are like a family to me?  And as for the Dual Languages program?  Sure, it’s incredibly challenging—but also, incredibly gratifying.  I always finish that program amazed at what these students create in a language that they can barely even speak.  And as the Assistant Principal always tells us, this is the most engaged the students are all year.  And as for the Broadway Teachers Workshop, I’m so honored to be facilitating along with the likes of Craig Carnelia, Joe DiPietro, Michael Meyer, Jerry Mitchell and Seth Rudetsky.  Who wouldn’t be?  And spending time with these passionate drama teachers always brings me back to why I’m in this wonderfully crazy business.

True, it’s going to be a wild and busy month, but it’s also going to be an amazingly rewarding one.  So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, follow this link to the Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream Recipe.  Not only will you end up with an intensely delicious dessert, but you may also find peace of mind.