Where do I even begin...

...to express the gratitude I feel for my students, friends and brilliant composer for yesterday's workshop.  I mean, I'm sorry to gush, but, seriously, I'm one very lucky person.  So, rather than wax poetic (and because I want to get the videos from yesterday edited and up on the site), I will just provide a bulleted list of my thanks:


  • Robby Stamper for writing music to my lyrics that soars.  Wait until the world hears your music.
  • Amy White Graves, my business partner and co-founder of Brooklyn Children's Theatre, and Off-Broadway actress, for lending her gorgeous voice to Victoria's songs.  Amy just might have to go back to being a professional performer again.
  • Emma Young for working so hard on all the material and for making me just love Vita more and more every time she sings.
  • Chris Heller and Melissa Hardy, who gave time on a beautiful Saturday to help out and lend their ears and advice.
  • Joe Ricci, who could be spending time with his fellow View from the Bridge cast mate, Scarlett Johanssen, but instead spent a Saturday in a church hall sharing his fantastic voice.
  • Rob Gardner for traveling on the re-routed "F" train out to Brooklyn and perfectly bringing Mr. Dodd to life.
  • My students, who are just the most remarkable, beautiful little people:  Amelia, August, Zoey, Amanda, Samantha, Sofia, Austin, Matilda, Rebecca and Hannah.

And finally, a special thanks to my Mom and Dad, who have been so supportive throughout this, and who are as excited as Robby and I about the development of the show.

It was a great day.  And, of course, we have a long way to go, but we are off to a fantastic start.  Check out the videos posted on the MUSIC page.