Why am I doing this?

Nearly seven years ago, a friend of mine sent me a short story from The New Yorker magazine with a post-it stuck on it that said, "You should use this with your students."  As a teaching artist in New York City, and the Co-founder and Artistic Director of a burgeoning children's theatre in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was always on the lookout for new material to develop with students--material that was substantial, that had heart, humor and depth,and that would speak to the kids I was working with and their parents.  Last summer, faced with a group of 19 females to create a musical theatre piece around at the Lucy Moses Summer Music Theatre Workshop, Helen on 86th St. seemed like a natural choice.  And thus began this journey that, I guess, in the commercial world of theatre, is just beginning.  So, as I embark upon this journey, I thought I would chronicle the process for other artists and dreamers out there.  What I've got right now is a full-time job (not in the theatre world), lots of student loan debt, and New York rent that's too high.  No producers, no investors, and no famous musical theatre mentors. But I've also got a great story, a solid book and lyrics, gorgeous music and lots of determination and drive to share this musical theatre piece with the world.  So, we'll see how it all goes.