What have I gotten myself into?

So, right now I'm a bit preoccupied by the fact that I think I parked my car in a Night Zone towing area, which means it was most likely towed last night...which means, rather than enjoy my evening and blog about dreams of Broadway, I will probably be visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard car pound to pay a hefty fee and claim my sad, 1998, Pontiac Grand Am.

But, back to this musical.  Since I'm supposed to be chronicling the steps leading up to Helen's Broadway premiere, I thought I should let everyone know what we are doing now that the first draft of the script and score are done.   I've found this process, so far, to be a little like falling in love.  Writing the piece was pure bliss.  Everyone kept commenting on the glow I had when I talked about it.  Time flew by when I was sitting at my computer writing.  Each mp3 containing the latest song that Robby had written to my lyrics, was like a gift from the heavens. 

So where are we at now?  We are at that stage in our "relationship" with Helen where the initial glow of love has toned down a bit and the hard work is coming in.  Now we are building a strong foundation that requires the passion that got us through the writing process to be tempered with trust, challenges, patience, fear, faith, and a belief in what we are doing.   Both of us would like to be going into rehearsals at the Schubert for the Broadway opening next week, but, that just isn't the reality.  Right now, the only thing we have control over are the baby steps along the way.  Hearing people read the words, hearing people sing the music, planning a bigger reading where industry people can see what we've been working on, spreading the word about the project and trying to get more and more people interested in it and as excited about it as we are.  And guess what?  It isn't easy.  But, it is exciting.  

And just like when you move out of that period in a relationship where your beloved is perfect and can do no wrong and into the reality that this is a flawed human being just like you-- right now we are presented with an opportunity to start building solid roots that will carry this musical through many storms (hopefully, not too many).  And as Robby and I begin to plant these seeds, we can only hope for a great harvest someday.