It's a Wonderful Life Part 2 and My Parents TV Debut!

Yes, yes, yes!  It is a wonderful life!  Just in time for the "It's a Wonderful Life" marathons that will be aired over the next few weeks, my college chums, professors, childhood pals, former day job associates, high school buddies, and miscellaneous friends and colleagues have come through in spades during this Kickstarter crunch time.  I pleaded, and they responded.  I am so grateful to you all!

With all that love and good will, who needs $15,000? 

Well, Robby and I do.

But, the point is, that when I see the names of all these people from different phases in my life, together, on one page in support of this musical, I feel like the richest girl in New York.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now, onto Parents TV. 

Somewhere between our first rehearsal for Helen and our  Helen "preview," I filmed this news segment with five fantastic students from Brooklyn Children's Theatre.  I'm so proud of my students and excited that I had the chance to give everyone a sneak peek at how fun my day job can be. (And now you will all know how to make the sound of a mouse dying in a mouse trap with just a clipboard.)

Many thanks to Tara Moncheck Daudani, Ann Ebeling & Gregg Foster at Meredith Video Studios for making the "shoot" so easy and enjoyable for all of us! 

Check it out: