Kickstarter Pick #2

"Breaking in" to the performing arts industry is no easy feat.

You work incredibly hard in college to perfect your craft and sharpen your skills, and then, post graduation day, when all your friends have already firmed up positions at investment firms, elementary schools and advertising agencies, you are left working at the Barnes & Noble in Auburn, Massachusetts and driving into Boston and New York multiple times a week for auditions while you live with your mom and dad.  (Fortunately, I only had to do that for 4 months.)

Or perhaps after getting your BA degree you decide to also get your MA degree, so you slave away in graduate school, pulling all-nighters, working round the clock, juggling part-time jobs, paying tuition (or racking up thousands of dollars in student loan debt) to finally complete your thesis and happily accept your diploma in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies.  (What are Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies, you ask?  Exactly my point.)  So, rather than leap into a brilliant directing or writing job,  you instead leap into a permanent job at a finance company as an Administrative Assistant, while you spend your evenings and weekends teaching, directing and choreographing, until the day comes when you have enough artistic work to quit your job in Finance. (Fortunately, that only took 9 months.)

A SHOWCASE however, gives you a kickstart (no pun intended); it allows you and your talents to be seen by agents, producers, directors and casting directors, before those talents get lost reshelving in the Non-Fiction section of Barnes & Noble or unjamming spreadsheets out of the photocopy machine.

So, today's Kickstarter pick is the Brooklyn College Theatre Department MFA/BFA 2011 Showcase, because every performer deserves the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of people who might be able to give them jobs.  This business is hard enough as it is, so I'm happy my $10 is going toward giving these guys a helping hand.