Final Kickstarter Pick / Helen Holiday

I'm "going on holiday" as the Brits say. 

I'm not traveling far in geographical terms, but I've decided to try and put Helen out of my mind for at least a few days.  So, this blog is on hiatus until December 31st, when I wrap up the year with our 2010 accomplishments and put forth our 2011 goals.  Then from January 1, 2011 onward, Helen will be back with a vengeance.

Before I go on my metaphorical vacation, I did want to share my final Kickstarter pick with you.  The beauty of a fundraising site like Kickstarter, is that the range of projects you can contribute to is extraordinary.  So, my final pick taps into my love of journalism--and specifically independent journalism. 

If I've learned anything in my years at the Paley Center, it's that they just don't make news the way they used to.  Gone are the days of Edward Murrow's Harvest of Shame and See it Now and there will likely never be another "most trusted man in America" like Walter Cronkite.  As an NPR junkie (I give a monthly pledge to them, so they are already getting my money), I deeply value insightful journalism that incorporates multiple perspectives and the actual voices of the people who are being reported on.  So my final pick is:  Palestine Speaks:  Narratives of the West Bank and Gaza. 

Speaking of powerful stories, check out this short film made by a young Liberian refugee, George, through an amazing program called Reel Lives that the Paley Center Education department partners with.  I met this young man the day before he was heading off to college.  Let me tell you, this won't be the last we hear from George.  (Every time I start feeling bogged down by Helen work or feeling sorry for myself, I'm just going to watch this film again.)

Just one final thank you to every single person who has shown their support to me, Robby, and Helen on 86th St.   In an early plea for help, I said, "Remember, it takes a village to raise a child."  Well, we've got one wonderful village.

Happy, happy holidays to you all.