The Twelve Days of Helen

One of the many things I am grateful for this holiday season, is that we managed to reach our Kickstarter goal the week before Christmas.  To be honest, it would have been really stressful and unpleasant to be thinking about how to raise money in these final days of 2010.  So, my thanks goes out to all of you who contributed before the deadline, and allowed me peace of mind over the holidays.

You also allowed me to do one of my favorite holiday activities--bake cookies.  It's my personal holiday tradition, and it made me so happy to be able to spend most of my day on Sunday filling my apartment with the smell of fresh, home-baked treats.  As I baked I couldn't help but have Christmas carols going through my head.  As a veteran "Victorian Christmas Caroller" (yes, one of those people who gets paid to dress up and sing holiday songs at parties and in malls) and a performer in two productions of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, Christmas tunes are an inevitable part of my holiday psyche.

But, of course, as I baked and hummed, I also strategized and planned for Helen.  So, to get a taste of my current state of mind, I'd like to share with you my version of The Twelve Days of Christmas:

The Twelve Days of Helen

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

Twelve backers backing,

Eleven sold-out houses,

Ten Grecian togas,

Nine ladies dancing,

Eight swords a-swinging,

Seven techies teching,

Six eager interns,


Four music stands,

Three body mikes,

Two focus spots,

And a Kickstarter fund with money!