Merrily We Roll Along

I can't believe that it's only been five days since we made our Kickstarter goal and I'm already having to think about ticket sales. 

And we have our full reading coming up in a few weeks.

And we added a cellist to our cast.

And I need to hire designers.

And I need to hire interns.

And Alicia, Tracy, Robby and I need to synthesize our conceptual ideas for the execution of the show.

And I have a slew of Kickstarter rewards to put together and ship off to all of our wonderful donors.

And we have a workshop in February at Wheelock Family Theatre in Boston in February.

And Robby and I have two shows to write for Brooklyn Children's Theatre and one for The York Theatre.

And I still have to get my dad a Christmas present.

I know that it was delusional, but part of me thought that once we raised the Kickstarter money the heavens would open up and I'd be lounging around eating bon-bons.  Not so. 

Now the fun really begins.

But, back to tickets, since I'm getting so many questions about them already.  Here's the ticket lowdown:


If you haven't pledged, and you make a pledge to Kickstarter in the final days, you get 1 ticket for a pledge of $25 and 2 tickets for a pledge of $50.

The advantages:

  • You will get your first choice of performances.  We only have eleven shows and the theatre only seats 99 people.  Kickstarter Backers will be allowed to make their reservations before the tickets go on sale to the general public.
  • You will see your name in the program when you come to the show.
  • You will know that you helped bring the show you are seeing, to life, as you sit there in the audience.

**However, please remember, this is a Kickstarter Reward, not a ticket sale.  While you are guaranteed a ticket to Helen on 86th St., and we will certainly do everything to accommodate your first choice of performance, your Kickstarter pledge is to support two struggling artists who are trying to bring their musical to fruition.  The ticket is our way of saying, "Thank you so much for supporting the arts!  Thank you so much for supporting us!  We can't wait to have a wonderfully generous person like you sitting in the audience for our show--you helped make this happen!"

If you decide not to pledge to Kickstarter, and just want to get your tickets the normal way--which will likely be through will purchase tickets for our show the same way you purchase tickets to a Broadway show (except, I doubt that anyone will be scalping tickets to Helen on 86th St.).

Based on what I'm hearing and reading in my inbox--these tickets are going to be hot.  As soon as we get our ticket system in place for the general public, all the information will be up on the website.  And it looks like we are going to have to do that pretty soon.

In the meantime,  relax, eat some bon-bons and enjoy the holiday season.  Because April 28th (Helen's Opening Night) will be here before you know it.