Kickstarter Pick #3 - Gets double my money!

As we inch closer and closer to our ultimate fundraising goal (only $349 left to raise!!), I have begun to wonder what I'm going to do with myself once I don't have the Kickstarter fund to obsess over. Should I go to Disney World?  Take up Badminton?  Start a stamp collection?

Or perhaps I could get started on the hours of work that lie ahead and dig into producing our spring production.

Badminton is looking very appealing.

Kidding.  I've already begun to segue out of fundraising mode and into pre-production mode.  March rehearsals will be upon us in the blink of an eye, and being the highly-strung individual I am, I'm getting all my ducks in a row.

However, I will miss the "Christmas morning" feeling I have had over the past two weeks, as I've watched that green bar creep closer and closer to $15,000.  I bought a small tabletop Christmas tree this weekend, and because I charge my iPhone on the table where the tree is set, my phone looks like it's a present under the tree.  And how appropriate--the buzzing sound that comes from my phone whenever someone has pledged to our Kickstarter project, has become more precious to me than even the Barbie Doll camper I so desperately wanted (and received) when I was 9.

While it's obvious that I'm a lucky girl on many levels, I'm also lucky because I still have $30 to "spend" on other Kickstarter projects!

So, here's Kickstarter Pick #3.  Now, because I think this is such a special project, and it happens to appeal to me on multiple levels,  I decided to give it $20.

You see, there is something I love almost as much as I love Helen.  (Sorry, Helen.)  And that something is food.

To look at me, you would never know it (yes, Mom, I am eating), but I passionately love food.  I love to cook it, bake it, grocery shop for it and eat it.  I especially love healthy food, supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture, and of course, children and education, so to find an organization that combines all of these loves into one very cool package is pretty exciting. 

Here's the organization:

Kidding Around the Kitchen (KATK) brings a “hands on” cooking experience and lesson to the classroom in which the kids actively participate in the preparation of recipes. The result of their cutting, measuring cooking and then eating their creations is more than simply a lesson in health. They get to see, touch, smell and taste the fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, eggs, meats and other ingredients that they may never have previously see in their raw form. The classes reinforce math, science, reading and vocabulary all within a one hour lesson. Measuring cups and spoons help with fractions. Multiplication and division are used when recipes are reduced or increased. Solids become liquids, bread rises, pancakes expand, and science is suddenly edible. Pronouncing ingredient names and reading recipes help to enlarge vocabulary. Studying food labels promotes an awareness of natural and "not so natural" ingredients used in everyday items.

Here's their video:

And here's to you for all that you have done to make this Helen on 86th St. dream a reality.