Almost there!

Woo-hoo!!!  I can't believe it--we are almost there!  Only $774 left to go and we've reached our goal!  The support that has been shown for this project continues to overwhelm me, make me teary-eyed, and remind me how grateful I am for the wonderful people in my life.

I spent the past weekend at the Brooklyn Music School, watching 150 children, ages 6-16 perform original musical theatre pieces for sold-out audiences. It was fall performance weekend for the children's theatre I co-founded seven years ago with Amy White Graves: Brooklyn Children's Theatre. As I stood in the house, watching first-graders wiggling in their animal costumes alongside teens (who I have had since they were first-graders wiggling in animal costumes), I was overwhelmed with how magical and powerful musical theatre can be. With nothing more than a space, simple costumes, rehearsal blocks, soaring music, heartfelt scripts, and a lot of love, enthusiasm and passion, we managed to create a weekend filled with joy, pride, excitement and accomplishment.

Brooklyn Children's Theatre started out pretty much the same way that Helen on 86th St. did--just a crazy dream coupled with passion and a lot of hard work. As I watched what I co-developed shine before my eyes, it made me certain I can create something equally as special with Helen on 86th St.

I mean, how could I not with the support of so many wonderful people?