Kickstarter Pick #1

Hello.  In case you were concerned, I'm breathing a little easier today.  I've still got a bunch of balls up in the air, but at least I've managed to successfully put a few of them to rest.

So, here's my weekly reminder to pledge to our Kickstarter fund!  We are so close!  We've come so far!  You all keep saying that you are planning to do it, why make me live on the edge like this?

It's so fun and easy! How do I know?  Because I did it myself the other night.  And it felt great.  It felt like doing online shopping, except instead of feeling guilty after I checked the items in my cart out, I felt giving and kind.

Here's my first Kickstarter Project pick:

The New Media Elective at June Jordan High School

Here's what they say about their project:

We believe that when our youth are given the tools to engage new technologies in creative ways they thrive. They move from passive consumers to critically engaged creators. Studies have shown that when young people are involved in the arts, their performance at school improves dramatically (up to 70%). Hands-on creative projects provide an opportunity for youth to be their own advocates. There is a lot happening beyond garage band and looping; kids are aware of this but are rarely exposed to a wider range of available tools and technologies.  NEXMAP and June Jordan School for Equity have teamed up to offer a dynamic 14-week course as a 70-minute elective block during regular school hours. Help us raise $5000 by December 31st to get this program up and running in January 2011.

So, this one was kind of a no-brainer for me.  Here's why they got my pledge:

  • I've been a Media Educator for almost five years.  I spend every day looking at commericals, historical news footage, sitcoms, cartoons, and so on, with children, tweens, teens, college students and teachers. I know the work they are doing is important, needed and will have an impact on the lives of the students that take part in their program.
  • I was a full-time teaching artist for three years.  It's the hardest job in the world.  I have lots of friends (Robby, for one) who still do it and I have the deepest of respect for them.  Going to multiple schools in multiple boroughs in a single day and working with public school students from across the city teaching them theatre, music and dance, is the most draining and exhausting work I have ever done besides trying and develop and produce a musical while working a full-time job. My money will go toward supporting a fellow teaching artist.
  • I deeply believe in arts education.  It's being cut from schools left and right, and to me, that is a tragedy.  If I hadn't had music, theatre and dance in my life as a child, I would never be where I am today. 

So, there you have it.  I supported a project I believe in, and, seriously, it feels really great.  I hope someday I will have more than $50 to give to Kickstarter projects, because its just about the most painless, inexpensive and simple way to make a difference.

Just a reminder:  We have 30 days left to raise our kickstarter goal or we lose it all!  So, if you haven't done it, JUST DO IT.

You'll be glad you did.