Post-Marathon Recovery

No, dear Helen folks, I did not run the New York City Marathon yesterday.  It just feels like I did.  

Please excuse the short blog entry today.  I'm recovering from my own marathon--a marathon rehearsal for a reading of an epic two-hour musical.  My marathon took place from 12pm-6pm, with a cast of 19.  Among the cast were 15 children, 5 new cast members, 3 adult actors that we only had from 12-3pm, 1 adult actor who had a half-hour performance call at 2:30, 1 child actor who commuted in from Maryland, 1 child actor who commuted in from Philadelphia, 1 adult actor with 2 children still in diapers who commuted in from Pennsylvania, 2 writers/composers/directors/producers who are completely exhausted and burnt out from working 6 other jobs, and 1 co-director with the vibrancy and enthusiasm I had 6 months ago (thank god for Alicia!).

It was rough.  It was grueling.  But, we did it.

We successfully crossed the finish line. 

By 6pm, we had taught everything, reviewed everything, gotten all the new actors mostly up to speed (bless your hearts for joining in this madness!), and had a sense of what this entire show feels like.

A HUGE thank you, to...

  • the PARENTS for giving up your Sunday to accommodate your children's rehearsal schedule.
  • the ADULT ACTORS for commuting in to the city on Marathon Sunday to rehearse our play.
  • the CHILDREN, for not complaining once during this really intense and exhausting rehearsal, and giving it your all.

What we did in 6 hours was not for the faint-hearted.  But, then again, it's good practice for what lies ahead--because there will be many more finish lines to cross.

Now excuse me while I go collapse....