Deus Ex Machina

I have to admit, Helen friends, I've been a little anxious this week.  Just like a kid who is forced to "grow up before their time," I'm feeling a little like a writer/director/choreographer who is being forced to be a producer before my time.  Budgets, investors, contracts, press releases, designers--Oy Vey!  (Sorry, I felt that was needed there.)  While it's not brain surgery by any means, is still is a lot.  And even though I know I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing, this song keeps going through my mind:

Ah, remember the days when MTV actually played videos like this?

And then there's the fundraising.  It's feels downright criminal to continue to implore people to make a pledge, especially when everyone has been so generous...but, I have to.  Because if we end up losing all the money that has been pledged so far due to a inability to raise the last $4889, I'm going to have to sacrifice myself to the barbaric squirrels in my yard.  And we all know what they did to my pumpkins.

Unlike Bonnie Tyler, I don't just need a hero, I need a god--or at the very least a Deus Ex Machina. 

Oh, in case you haven't brushed up on your Greek literature lately, according to Wiki, "Deus Ex Machina is a plot device whereby a seemingly inextricable problem is suddenly and abruptly solved with the contrived and unexpected intervention of some new character, ability, or object."

If you've been to our Helen Benefactor page lately, you will notice that we have enough friends, mortals, satyrs, demi-gods and dryads to start another Percy Jackson series.  (And don't get me wrong-- we love you all and are so grateful for each and every one of you!)  However, what we still are lacking is a God or a Goddess.  And if we got one of each, our fundraising goal would be met.

So, despite the fact that I have asked so much of you already, I'm going to ask one more favor.  If you happen to be passing the gravy or cranberry sauce to someone god or goddess-like, to whom $2500 is not a large sum of money, might you consider asking them if they have any interest in being deified by Helen on 86th St?

Because you've done your part.  You all know how great it feels to be a Helen Benefactor, and I'm sure, can only imagine what it would feel like to be a Helen God or Goddess.  (Unfortunately, I don't have $2500, so I'll never know.)

And for those of you out there who haven't pledged yet--those of you who aren't ready to make a divine commitment, but would like to join the Helen family--we welcome you!  Because, as I make my way through the final book in the Percy Jackson series, I've learned that a hero can never have too many friends, satyrs, dryads, pegasi, and mortals when on a quest...

Now go watch that Bonnie Tyler video again...and sing along this time.  You know you want to.